Based around Japan's first production mid-engined rear wheel drive sports car, the MR2 Championship is ideal for both novice and experienced drivers. Built to the classic race car format, the MR2 requires little modification to turn it into a track weapon, providing a clear focus on driver skill.


The MR2 Championship traces it's origins back to the 750MC Roadsports series in 2003. Intended to be a low-cost form of motor racing, mk1 MR2s raced within the RoadSports rules and class structure, but also to their own more restrictive regulations. By tightly controlling the permitted performance modifications, a competitive car could be built on a budget, with some competitors even opting to keep the cars road legal and drive them to race meetings!

In 2004, technical regulations for the inclusion of the mk2 MR2 were drafted, which was followed up with the introduction of the class in 2005.The series experienced steady growth and by 2006 was able to support it's own grids, separating it out from the Roadsports series. The start of the 2007 season saw unprecedented levels of registrants, with some races during the season dividing the two classes into separate grids. Championship status was applied for and granted by the MSA allowing drivers to score points for the first time in 2008.

In line with the series' ethos of affordable racing, 2009 saw the introduction of the mk3 MR2 class, as prices dropped to an affordable level. While not as powerful as the mk2, the MR2 Roadster has a much lighter chassis and shares it's running gear with the Lotus Elise S.

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2014 Calendar now available!
27 January 2014

The 2014 MR2 Championship will grow to encompass 8 rounds including Castle Combe. Check out the full line-up of circuits here: 2014...more

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